Call for Tools for use by Literacy Coaches, Reading Coaches, or Instructional Coaches

The Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse is soliciting literacy coaching, reading coaching, and/or instructional coaching tools for the “Tools” section of the LCC website.  Coaches use tools to organize and document their work, to gather and keep assessment information, to assist in coaching with teachers, and to talk with administrators.  You may think of additional ways that coaches make use of tools.

Do you have tools that you have devised as a literacy coach, reading coach, or instructional coach that you would like to have considered for publication in the LCC website?  We are asking you to use the following format to write about your tool.  This way we can establish some consistency in the ways tools are formatted for the website.

Directions for Write-up and Submission of a Tool to the LCC

  • Name of the Tool
  • Author, Title and Affiliation
  • Audience(s) and School Level(s) the tool is designed for
  • Purpose - for use of the Tool
  • Use – including how you suggest administering and using the tool
  • Insights - that you have gained from using the tool
  • Attachment of the actual tool

Writing Tips

  • Consider writing in the plural if possible; sometimes you do have to write in singular and use “he and she.”
  • Be careful to keep the verb tense consistent. 
  • Please write in a consistent person.  Third person is preferred, but for some topics and insights, first person may work best.
  • Please consider whether the tone that you have used is both appropriate and respectful to all educators.

You can see examples of tools and their write-ups from those now in the LCC website.  Please use most as examples those tools that have been directly submitted to the LCC website.  We will also be republishing additional tools that are from other books and resources; the formatting of these tools will retain what has already been published and may be less consistent with the format that we want to suggest for those in the LCC website.

Tools are an important asset to making the jobs of literacy coaches, reading coaches, or instructional coaches more efficient and effective.  We hope that you will write up and share your best ones!

Thank you for considering those tools that you would like to write up and share with others to advance the quality of work that coaches do.

Please note: submissions are no longer being accepted.