Greene, T. (2004). Literature review for school-based staff developers and coaches. Retrived from National Staff Development Council website 9/29/06.

Author: Greene, T.


This is a review of literature on coaching as of July 2004. This article is good for literacy coaches to read because it ties literacy coaching well to the larger field of instructional coaching. The piece reviews several types of coaching, the definition of each, and research findings: cognitive coaching, peer coaching, content-focused coaching. Greene then moves into a discussion of coaching in literacy. She reviews Lyons and Pinnell's professional development framework, the gradual release of responsibility model, the intentional teaching model, and reflective coaching. Most interesting is her discussion of Sparks and Loucks-Horsley's identification of five models of professional development that also seem to reflect well the various stances that coaching programs can take. She end by stating that coaching seems promising but that the literature is lacking on the impact of coaching on student achievement or even a relationship between coaching and student learning.

Date Added: 10/01/2006


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