Reed, B. (2006) Side by Side: The Idaho Reading First program finds success by offering targeted professional development to its literacy coaches. Northwest Education, 12(1), 19-21.

Author: Reed, B.


This article documents the activities that took place at two-day Reading First Leadership Summit where literacy coaches from across the state of Idaho gathered. The coaches’ coaches—Frances Bessellieu and Marisa Russo—give the coaches in the room some practical advice and help provide coaches with specific strategies. They address common concerns, such as dealing with resistance from teachers, as well as help model activities the coaches can then take with them and model to teachers. They model a specific phonemic awareness exercise called oral blending, an exercise that helps students hear distinct sounds and understand how to put those sounds together into words. They also offer advice for how to approach teachers: “Anytime you can say things in a nonevaluative way it improves your chances of really getting through to a teacher,” said Russo. This is one of eight formal training sessions coaches will go through in a year, trainings that will become even more targeted.

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