Egawa, K., Files, J., Coskie, T., Riddle, M. , & Robinson, L. (2006). From the coaches' corner: Sharing literature, sharing lives. Voices from the Middle, 13, 42-43.

Author: Egawa, K., Files, J., Coskie, T., Riddle, M. , & Robinson, L.


This discussion about professional development for literacy coaches takes place in South Carolina where Files works with literacy coaches throughout the year as part of teacher in-service days. These professional development days accomplish several goals. The first is to start conversation through memoir readings about the coaches' own literacy, helping them to understand literacy's role in other cultures, and encouraging them to look for commonalities in the development of literacy. Later in the year, coaches work on poetry and non-fiction, analyzing contemporary writings, and gain an understanding of different interpretations of text. Files and her cohorts have created a shared vision of supportive, appreciative, and trusted colleagues, as well as a professional home. It has helped them, as educators, to take heart again in the work they do with teachers and children.

Date Added: 09/19/2006

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