Shanklin, N. (2007). How can you gain the most from working with a literacy coach? Voices from the Middle, 14(4), 44-47.

Author: Shanklin, N.


Logically, there are a greater number of teachers than there are literacy coaches. This article refreshingly offers support for those teachers, and advises them on how to get the most out of their literacy coaching relationships and experiences. So, advocating for the teachers being coached, this article asks, How do we get the very best out of literacy coaching? The article offers advice for getting the most out of each stage of the coaching process: committing to working with a coach, pre-conferencing, in-classroom observations, debriefing, and follow-through. Furthermore, this article emphasizes the importance of trust between coaches and teachers, and makes suggestions for teachers interested in working with a literacy coach, but who do not have a program in their school. The teacher perspective this article takes is both helpful and important. After all, every coaching relationship has two participants. Therefore, both teacher and coach must be committed to, and informed about, how to best contribute to that relationship so they can maximize the intended result: improved literacy instruction of students. This article would be helpful to teachers who are currently working with a literacy coach, who are interested in pursuing coaching support, or who seek to improve upon their literacy coaching experiences.

Date Added: 10/22/2007

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