Russo, A. (2004). School-based coaching: A revolution in professional development--or just the latest fad? Harvard Education Letter (July/August 2004).

Author: Russo, A.


This article, which does not focus directly on literacy coaching, starts with a short explanation of the beginnings of the coaching movement. Russo believes that school-based coaching in the United States has been pioneered primarily in large school districts like Boston, New York City's District 2, Philadelphia, and Dallas. He reviews how coaching fits with the National Staff Development Council Standards for Effective Staff Development. He then points out problems that can happen when coaching programs are not carefully implemented. He states that coaching must be part of larger professional development efforts. Another potential early obstacle is finding enough coaches and then offering training and support to them. Cost is yet another problem. Finally, Russo discusses the cultural challenges created by coaching. Coaches do not have assigned teaching loads, and many teachers are not accustomed to talking about their work in the way one does when working with a coach. The article builds the case for schools thinking through carefully the coaching program that they want to build.

Date Added: 10/01/2006


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