Riddle, M., Coskie, T., Robinson, L., & Egawa, K. (2004) From the coaches' corner: What is a literacy coach? Voices from the Middle, 12(1), 60-61.

Author: Riddle, M., Coskie, T., Robinson, L., & Egawa, K.


This introductory column asks: What is a literacy coach? The focus of this series of columns that appeared in Voices from the Middle is on collegial coaching, where coaches support teachers rather than evaluate their performance. Coaches encourage teachers to be more reflective, refine their teaching, set goals, and share successful attempts. The authors emphasize that coaches take a respectful role, and that such interactions will foster better communication between coaches and teachers. The authors also list several school districts they plan to focus on, analyzing the efforts and impact of literacy coaching in these districts. The article includes a graphic that illustrates the authors' definition of a literacy coach's role.

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