Reed, B. (2006) Serious play: An early Reading First grant helps five Oregon Head Start programs implement an innovative curriculum. Northwest Education, 12(1), 22-25.

Author: Reed, B.


This article examines an after school Head Start program that is a partner site with Project ExCEL (Excellence in Cultivating Early Literacy), funded by a Reading First grant and directed by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. It offers literacy practices for K-3 students as well as helping foster self-regulation in students. Using Buliding Language for Literacy, a literacy curriculum published by Scholastic Inc. designed to promote both literacy and self-regulation, literacy coaches play a vital part of this Head Start program. Both coaches and teachers receive training, and the program advisor acts as lead coach. The program approaches literacy through the use of play--during "center time" students choose a themed center at which to play. Before beginning play, students first make a plan by drawing an image of what they want to do, then writing it down. In the building blocks center, a student might draw an image of a skyscraper, then write I am going to build a skyscraper. Through this, they begin to understand how words represent actions, but can also be represented through other means as well.

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