Reed, B. (2006) Putting it all together: Literacy coaching and the English language learner. Northwest Education, 12(1), 12-15.

Author: Reed, B.


The Sunnyside School District has a growing population of ELLs; however, Pioneer Elementary and the school district as a whole has had success overcoming this challenge and in the last three years, has made significant progress in meeting its annual yearly progress goals. The article identifies three factors that stand out as contributors to the school's progress: implementing a dual language program; a Reading First grant; and hiring a literacy coach as part of the grant. The district had reached the end of its seven-year curriculum cycle and the timing was perfect to look at new reading programs. Additionally, because of the high school-to-school mobility of the students, the administrators wanted to create consistency throughout the district. Some of the essential components implemented at Pioneer Elementary included a 90-minute block of reading instruction at the appropriate level; a state-approved, research-based core reading program; an approved assessment tool to monitor student progress; and the use of that assessment to identify struggling readers and provide interventions. This is a good article for literacy coaches in elementary schools, schools with ELLs, and Reading First schools.

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