Whitfield, V. & Moore, J. (2007, November). Making it happen: Sustaining a commitment for reading success. The Reading Teacher, 61(3), 272-274.

Author: Whitfield, V. & Moore, J.



This article sets out to offer support to literacy coaches, but will also be relevant to reading coaches, and instructional coaches. Here Whitfield and Moore ask, How do literacy coaches maintain and promote diligence toward literacy success for all students? They argue that coaches are uniquely positioned to positively impact a sustained, school-wide literacy commitment. Whitfield and Moore explain that through collegial dialogue, professional development efforts, and the coach's commitment to professional fellowship and conduct, schools can sustain their literacy initiatives, and better impact student literacy and reading development. The authors encourage coaches: "As a literacy leader, your job is to evoke passion and perpetual growth so that every teacher achieves student success" (p. 274).

Although a quick read, this article presents much about which coaches should think. The authors include periodic 'key questions' which prompt the reader to stop, consider, and reflect. Additionally, there is a pull-out list of "Questions to Consider as You Help Sustain the Commitment to Reading Success" which some might find helpful.

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