Hasbrouck, J. & Denton, C. A. (2007, April). Student-focused coaching: A model for reading coaches. The Reading Teacher, 60(7), 690-693.

Author: Hasbrouck, J. & Denton, C. A.



While coaching in schools is rapidly becoming widespread, some remain concerned that its proliferation precedes the concrete data that would warrant it. Seemingly in an effort to provide coaching a relevant and direct research base, Hasbrouck and Denton have developed a new coaching model, called Student-Focused Coaching (SFC). SFC is based in school consultant research, and advocates a shift in coaching perspective: Instead of working from the more common perspective that job-embedded professional development promotes teacher change, SFC argues coaching should focus on and be driven entirely by student needs. Instead of aiming at improved teacher instruction, the authors explain that improved instruction will be a result of deepened awareness fostered by SFC. In SFC, the coach and the teacher work in partnership to identify and overcome obstacles to student success. It is argued that this process leads to increased teacher understanding of how instructional choices work to support and impede student success.

This article is relevant for literacy coaches, reading coaches, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, and administrators. Whether the model requires a total shift away from a professional development focus, or not, the insights into how to collaboratively identify student needs and work to meet them is worth visiting.

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