Cummins, C. (Ed.) (2006). Understanding and implementing Reading First initiatives: The changing role of administrators. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Author: Cummins, C. (Ed.)


This book takes a thoughtful, balanced approach to Reading First. Chapters are written by teacher educators/researchers well-known in the field of reading. One comes away from the book with a better vision of the potential of Reading First to positively impact the literacy learning of children who start to fall behind in the early grades. The title of the book suggests that it is written for administrators. While administrators of Reading First schools will learn much from the book, other teachers and reading specialists/coaches will benefit, too. Some may simply want to learn more about Reading First to see if some of the techniques could be useful in their non Reading First schools. Others may be contemplating taking positions in Reading First schools or getting involved in writing grants to be selected as Reading First schools. The book contains a chapter on each of the five components of reading; the emphasis in each of these chapters is on helpful techniques to use with students, not particular commercial or core programs. There are also important chapters on oral language development, writing, and student engagement--three areas that schools also need to consider. The Allington chapter on effective intervention offers many helpful points and cautions. The book ends with a chapter on literacy coaches and an example of how a Reading First program has revitalized a school. The book is helpful and very readable.

Date Added: 10/01/2006



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