Roller, C. (2006). Reading and literacy coaches report on hiring requirements and duties survey. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Author: Roller, C.


This is an electronic survey that went to 1053 individuals, with 140 returned, for a response rate of 13.2 %. Of the surveys returned, 76% were from teachers at the elementary level, 17% from the middle school level, and only 7% from the high school level. Thirty-seven percent reported that an MA was required for their position, but only 19% indicated that an MA in literacy or a related area was required. Seventy-seven percent stated that 1-3 years of successful teaching experience were required for their position as a literacy coach. Coaches reported feeling prepared to conduct the activities required for their positions. Most also reported that they were asked to attend much professional development training from their district or the state. This training seemed to give these coaches the information that they needed to feel competent. Coaches reported spending approximately 2-4 hours a week each in observation, demonstration teaching, and discussions after lessons. Forty-nine percent reported spending five or more hours per week doing assessment and instructional planning. They reported spending less than an hour a week in planning specific lessons with teachers.

Date Added: 09/25/2006

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