Dole, J., & Donaldson, R. (2006). What am I supposed to do all day? Three big ideas for the reading coach. The Reading Teacher, 59(5), 486-488.

Author: Dole, J. and Donaldson, R.


In this article, Dole provides some clear responsibilities and roles for a reading coach. She emphasizes that a reading coach work directly with teachers in the classroom to help improve student achievement. She observes teaching strategies, models new ones for teachers, assists with lesson planning and acts as reading leader within the school. Dole offers three big ideas, or duties, for reading coaches who lose focus. A coach's first duty is to teachers, students, and reading instruction. The second is to be in the classroom, collaborate with teachers, offer assistance as needed, and model new skills for teachers. Third, the reading coach needs to establish him or herself as someone who can help with reading instruction in order to be viewed by teachers as a valuable asset. Initial work should be collaborative and supportive.

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