Paramore, T. (2007). Coaching conversations for beginners. Journal of Language and Literacy Education [Online], 3(1), 71-81. Available:

Author: Paramore, T.


If you are a teacher considering literacy coaching, what skills should you work to develop? What will you need to know and be able to do in order to be effective? These are some of the questions this author set out to answer and analyze in this article. And it is with this perspective - teacher considering, even trying on coaching - that the author describes her venture to "try on" the position of literacy coach, and reflects on the skills necessary to become effective in that role. This article is unique in its perspective, and insightful in its observations about literacy coaching. It does not speak from a place of coaching experience, but from a place of inquisition and anticipation. It would be an interesting read, especially for coaches new to the position, but also for experienced coaches looking to reflect, and possibly refresh, their thinking.

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