Nowak. R. (2003). The discourse of coaching: Teacher-coach interactions during a summer school practicum. (UMI ProQuest No. ATT 3117361)



This study explored patterns of co-constructed discourse between three teachers and two coaches during a summer school professional development practicum that focused on literacy instruction for struggling students. The coaches collaborated with the teachers after observing in their summer school classrooms. The district's approach to professional development and the teachers' reliance on prescribed literacy programs appeared to influence both topics and participation in the coaching discourse. Coaches did most of the talking during the sessions, and they were more likely to initiate topics. Teachers were more likely to supply brief comments. Initiating questions were largely absent from the discourse, as were exchanges that would promote higher levels of reflective thinking. Topics of conversation, instead, were likely to center on characteristic of students. Suggestions are made pertaining to enhancing coaching discourse to further support teacher learning during professional development.

Date Added: 09/30/2006


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