Morgan, D., Saylor-Crawder, K., Stephens, D., Donnelly, A., Deford, D., Hamel, E. (2003). Managing the complexities of a statewide reading initiative. Phi Delta Kappan, 85(2), 139-145.

Author: Morgan, D., Saylor-Crawder, K., Stephens, D., Donnelly, A., Deford, D., Hamel, E.


In 2001-02, the State of South Carolina decided to invest in a three-year program of professional development for reading teachers. The program was designed collaboratively by the state department of education, the state universities, and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Teachers and principals in 121 South Carolina schools worked together to examine and discuss the latest research in the field of reading and the implication of this research for classroom instruction. Literacy coaches facilitated this professional development in individual schools. The article contrasts the designers' visions for literacy coaches versus the realities that they encountered on several fronts: job descriptions for coaches, support for coaches' professional learning, study group experiences, district and principal support for coaches, and the change process. As the new program was implemented, interesting adjustments were made along the way. The article is worth reading to see whether as new programs are designed by states, districts, or schools, they might learn from the implementation of this project and avoid certain pitfalls. This is a good article for groups to discuss. This project is ongoing, and it is interesting to look for even more recent articles and presentations project members are doing.

Date Added: 09/26/2006


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