McEwan, E.K. (2005). How to deal with teachers who are angry, troubled, exhausted, or just plain confused. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Author: McEwan, E.


In the end this book is much more positive about teachers than its title suggests. However, it does admit that teachers can be difficult, frustrated, and angry sometimes, and suggests how to deal with such problematic people most humanely and effectively. By reading the book, a coach can learn techniques that may help, and not hurt, such incidents. This book was originally written for administrators who play roles that are ultimately evaluative. While a coach's role is to be supportive, sometimes teachers will approach a coach as if the coach is in an evaluative role. In such cases, some of the suggestions in this book can be helpful. While a principal is in the position to bring up problematic behaviors and ask for their elimination, a coach can use some of the same techniques suggested by the book IF the teacher brings up a problem him or herself and asks for assistance. This book is also a good one for coaches to recommend to principals so that they are most effective in playing their evaluative role. Two chapters in this book seem to be especially helpful to coaches: one on supporting an exhausted school and another on sixty ways to affirm, energize, and empower teachers. The two appendices/resources at the end of the book "The Communicator's A-Z Handbook" and "The Culture Builder's Toolkit" are also very useful.

Date Added: 10/01/2006


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