Scharer, P., Desai, L., Williams, E.J., & Pinnell, G.S. (2003). Literacy collaborative: A multiyear analysis. Columbus, OH: Literacy Collaborative.

Author: Scharer, P., Desai, L., Williams, E.J., & Pinnell, G.S.


The Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive school reform project designed to improve the reading, writing, and language skills of elementary children. This report reviews children's achievement results from 1996-2001. Each literacy collaborative school has a literacy coordinator (coach) who has successfully completed the initial training program at a Literacy Collaborative university or district-level training site. The literacy coordinator is based in the school and provides professional development for teachers and also teaches children for part of the day. Teachers in the school participate in intensive training and are coached in their classrooms by the literacy coordinator. The analysis of norm-referenced standardized test data indicate rising average NCE results over time with fewer students in the lowest quartile and more students scoring in each of the higher quartiles.

Date Added: 09/29/2006


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