Cassidy, J. (2007, Summer). Literacy coaches: Here today, gone......!!!??? The Literacy Professional, 17(3), 1-2.

Author: Cassidy, J.


In this article, Cassidy discusses concerns about the future of the literacy coach. With the upcoming presidential election, Cassidy recalls hot educational topics that have fallen victim during previous administrative transfers, and worries that literacy coaching is doomed a similar fate. He suggests that in order for literacy coaching to survive upcoming political changes, and not become a tempting budget cut, three critical problems must be addressed. These problems--the use of untrained coaches, the lack of regular instructional time with students, and the common issue of a single literacy coach serving many schools--can, according to Cassidy, be remedied. In order to protect the role and effectiveness of the literacy coach, Cassidy advocates three clear rules: a) Hire strong teachers who are certified reading specialists, b) designate 25% of coaches' time to direct contact with struggling readers, and c) assign only one school per literacy coach. Cassidy stresses that the future of literacy coaching depends on it.

Date Added: 09/18/2007

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