Larner, M. (2007). Tools for leaders: Indispensable graphic organizers, protocols, and planning guidelines for working and learning together. New York: Scholastic.

Author: Larner, Marjorie



Written from a coach's perspective, this workbook is a guide to developing healthy and effective communities of adult learners within schools. This book is thoughtfully written. Larner maintains a very conversational, friend-on-your-shoulder, comfortable narrative. Yet, the book maintains focus on fostering effective professional learning communities between the adults in schools in order to improve student learning in the classroom and beyond. Although the focus of this book is not specifically literacy coaching, it is a valuable resource for anyone working with teachers on their professional development: teacher leaders, coaches, facilitators, and administrators. What makes this book particularly useful is that it is created specifically for working with adult learners, and is filled with tools, activities, protocols, organizers, and lessons.

Larner nudges coaches to see more in what they do each day: "Rather than being the sole source of professional learning and growth, you can be the facilitator for a learning community, providing guidance, structure, and support as teachers establish habits for working and learning together that become the norm for school operations" (p. 11).

The book is organized into three parts: "Foundations," "The Heart of the Conversation,"and "A Culture of Learning." Within each chapter, Larner names what she calls "aims." For example, in Chapter 5: Beginning the Conversation, the author identifies and discusses three aims: motivation, inspiration, and engagement. Within her discussion of each aim throughout the book, Larner addresses areas such as points for consideration, present readings, graphic organizers, and/or suggest lessons and activities. The book is assembled so that you can pick and choose from the many tools, or follow it step-by-step as a comprehensive guide.

Date Added: 12/14/2007


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