Lapp, D., Fisher, D., Flood, J., and Frey, N. (2003). Dual role of the urban reading specialist. National Staff Development Council, 24(2), 33-36.

Author: Lapp, D., Fisher, D., Flood, J., and Frey, N.


The authors of this article, who have been working in an urban school district in San Diego for five years, have tried to develop a university/school district partnership to increase literacy in the schools and coaching experience for reading specialists. The schools involved in the partnership are low-income, averaging less than $16,000 annual family income, and all the students receive free or reduced lunch. The reading specialist will spend about 40% of their time tutoring and working with struggling readers in the classroom, allowing the specialists to offer individualized reading instruction. Data from these partnership schools suggest that students who receive instruction for short periods of time will experience reading growth, and that students who received individualized instruction had greater gains. The specialists spend about 20% of their time having ongoing conversations with teachers, and about 10% of their time demonstrating lessons for the teachers. Additionally, reading specialists coordinate professional development sessions, and have organized a book club focused on literacy. A list of these books is provided at the end of the article. This is a good article for coaches working in urban schools or school districts.

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