Kise, J. (2006). Differentiated coaching: A framework for helping teachers change. Thousand Oakes, CA: Corwin Press.

Author: Kise, J.


The approach of this book is different from others on coaching. Some coaches will find it quite useful, and others will not agree with its underlying premise. The book takes a learning styles approach. The idea is for the coach to analyze the learning style of a teacher and his/her own as a coach and to match the two better to have a positive effect on the teacher. The assumption is that the teacher wants (or needs to) change. One needs to take the time to read this book carefully and to do the inventories in it. The inventories are based on the latest research and theory on personality type, multiple intelligences, experiential learning models, and mind styles model. Taking a positive approach the publisher states, "When teachers understand how their strengths and beliefs may lock them into practices that limit freedom to help students succeed, they can begin to entertain fresh possibilities and stay open to new avenues for professional growth." The book is thought provoking and worth reading; it can help a coach see possibilities about how to make relationships with individual teachers work better. This is a book literacy coaches will appreciate more when they have been in their positions for a time. It is not a book with which most new coaches would begin.

Date Added: 10/01/2006


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