Hasbrouck, J. & Denton, C. (2005). The reading coach: A how-to manual for success. Longmont, CO: Sopris West.

Author: Hasbrouck, J. & Denton, C.


This is a good book for coaches working in Reading First schools or other schools where there is strong emphasis on the five components of reading and response to intervention. Foundational knowledge for reading coaches is organized in this book around the five components. Hasbrouck and Denton propose use of Systematic Problem Solving as the way a coach works with a teacher - particularly concerning the needs of a specific child. This is a sound system that coaches will find useful. The book contains a solid chapter on adult learning and recommendations for doing other kinds of professional development sessions that are often part of a coach's role. There is a good chapter for administrators on working with literacy coaches. The book contains several appendices. Some are useful and others may be too analytic for some coaches to use successfully.

Date Added: 09/29/2006


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