Sweeney, D. (Consultant). (2008). Getting Results from School-Based Coaching [Instructional DVD]. Denver, CO: spArk+INNOVATION

Author: spArk+iINNOVATION with Diane Sweeney as a consultant

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Getting Results from School-Based Coaching, a DVD from spArk+INNOVATION, explores the role of school-based coaches through a series of coaching conversations. This DVD helps district and school administrators look at the roles of coaches and how they fit into a vision of professional development. Coaches may enjoy seeing sample coaching conversations and how they can put the direction of a coaching cycle into the hands of the teacher while focusing on student achievement. The first coaching conversation between a coach and a first grade teacher demonstrates how a coach sets up a coaching cycle by focusing on the needs of the teacher and the current abilities of the students. The next segment between a coach and a third grade teacher again sets goals for a coaching cycle; however, the coach has had previous experiences in the teacher's classroom. The next segment is unlike many professional pieces around coaching in that it includes a coaching conversation between a high school coach and a math teacher who are in the middle of a coaching cycle. The final coaching conversation on the DVD occurs between the same secondary coach and the school's principal. They discuss in-service feedback, curriculum issues, and future professional development needs of the staff. The two final segments share the importance and role of school-based coaching from the teachers' perspectives and then from the coaches' perspectives. Throughout the DVD, the teacher being coached drives the conversation. The coach takes notes about teachers' concerns, questions and observations and clarifies goals and learner outcomes, all while remaining focused on student work and how it informs instruction. The coaches in the video reveal qualities that all coaches should have: strength as a listener, the ability to ask thoughtful and probing questions, an approachability that invites open and honest conversation, and an understanding of the best instructional practices to increase student achievement. The coaching conversations appear contrived in order to reveal other professional development occurring at the school; even so, the conversations allow viewers to understand that coaching does not occur in isolation but that the teachers have also participated in other supportive professional development opportunities. The coaching conversation sequences reveal the importance of coaching as an integral cog in the professional development wheel. SpArk+INNOVATION offers two day institutes for principal and coach teams on school-based coaching. More information about spArk+INNOVATION can be found at

Date Added: 10/20/2008


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