Friedman, A. (2000). Writing and Evaluating Assessments in the Content Area. English Journal, 90(1), 107-111.

Author: Friedman, A.


Friedman worked as a literacy coach in middle and high schools which were funded as part of the Boston Plan for Excellence and Annenberg Foundation. In this piece she discusses how important writing is throughout different content areas. She focuses in on two different classes, a science class and a social studies class, and examines writing prompts given to the students. For the science class, the students wrote about the prompt (What would happen if the sun disappeared?) and then discussed whether writing knowledge or content knowledge is more important for this piece of writing. For the social studies prompt, the first writing samples that the teacher received were not satisfactory. With the Friedman's help as the coach, the teacher then examined the language of the prompt itself. After revising the prompt to be more specific, he got back better writing samples. The article stresses the importance of having good, clear, focused writing prompts in order to get back clear, focused writing.

Date Added: 09/25/2006

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