Correnti, R., & Rowan, B. (2006). Changing literacy instruction in schools: Consequences of CSR program participation on teachers' classroom practice. School of Education, University of Michigan, Consortium for Policy Research in Education.

Author: Correnti, R., & Rowan, B.


This important research study exhibits research methods useful to the study of coaching. The focus of this particular study was on a comparison of student reading achievement using three programs: Accelerated Schools, Success For All, and America's Choice. Each program was compared to control schools for impact. While, not the direct focus of the study, it is important to note that literacy coaches are used in both Success for All and America's Choice. Researchers examined teachers' logs as the means to determine whether they were implementing the programs with fidelity. Results from the study showed greater student growth for both of the more structured models Success for All and America's Choice even though these programs are quite different from each other. There was no difference when the Accelerated Schools model was measured against controls. The curriculum for Accelerated Schools is more diverse and there is not use of literacy coaches. One must caution that in thinking about this study, the researchers did not study links between coaches and their growing knowledge and links that teachers made because of the coaching they received.

Date Added: 09/26/2006


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