Duncan, M. (2006, Oct. 16-21) An online discussion about literacy coaching and instructional dialogue with Marilyn Duncan. Message posted to The Learning Network Listserve,

Author: Marilyn Duncan


In her online discussion, Duncan addresses questions posted by teachers, administrators, and educators who are interested in literacy coaching. She says the primary focus of coaching should be on learning: learning what teachers and students need in a classroom. Coaching as a means of professional development is an ongoing process, and one way to support successful professional development is for teachers and administrators to give feedback. This feedback should be based on agreed upon goals set at the beginning of the process. Posters ask important questions, and share their experiences in coaching. This discussion board answers many questions about coaching, as well as about Duncan's book, Literacy Coaching: Developing Effective teachers through Instructional Dialogue.

Date Added: 10/16/2006


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