Dozier, C. (2006). Responsive literacy coaching: Tools for creating and sustaining purposeful change. Stenhouse: Portland, ME.

Author: Dozier, C.



In the forward to Dozier's book, Peter Johnston clearly states the perceptive question that this book attempts answers: "How does a coach create the necessary learning space for experienced and inexperienced teachers alike to expand their zones of proximal development and to take the risks necessary for their teaching to grow?" (p.X) Dozier names the form of coaching that she believes in as "responsive." It "honors teachers and learners and their developing understandings."
(p. 4)

In her work with teachers, Dozier often models how she thinks that teachers ought to work with students. Her table on page 11 visually articulates her theoretical frame, how this relates to the relationship between coaches and teachers, and in turn between teachers and students. She outlines several self-extending systems that coaches can introduce to teachers. Self-extending activities are ones that teachers continue to use and encourage them to make more explorations on their own. Particularly good are Dozier's suggestions for using team teaching as a form of subtle modeling. She also provides a format for how teachers might do observations of each other and learn to deepen their practice. Dozier devotes a whole chapter to working with administrators and parents. Her book is the first to discuss that coaching does need to be introduced to parents and the benefits clarified with them. In Chapter 8 Dozier has included a helpful question and answer section for beginning coaches. In the final chapter of the book, she includes excellent reflections from principals concerning the impact of coaching on the culture of their schools. In Dozier's mind, coaching helps schools develop as professional learning communities. At the end of the book there are good appendices on "Analysis of Writing Samples" and "Guided Reading Observation Forms for Students and for Teachers."

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