Deussen, T., and Riddle Buly, M. (2006) Connecting coaching and improved literacy. Northwest Education, 12(1), 43-45.

Author: Deussen, T., and Riddle Buly, M.


In this article, Deussen and Riddle Buly discuss the different roles a coach might fill depending on the school. Each school has a different idea of what a coach should do--this can range from being an expert mentoring teachers to helping teachers become more self-reflective in their own practices. Expert mentoring can offer teachers literacy programs with specific practices, as well as modeling. It is also important for coaches to encourage teachers to do self-reflection, as well as for coaches to practice it themselves. Encouraging self-reflection in teaching can help teachers become more effective in their own teaching strategies and help deepen their understanding about literacy and learning. Although Deussen and Riddle Buly don't claim one kind of coaching is better than another, they do stress the importance of having highly trained coaches.

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