Denton, C. & Mathes, P. (ongoing). Scaling-up effective interventions for preventing reading difficulties.

Author: Denton, C. & Mathes, P.


This is an on-going, five year, longitudinal study that began with a pilot in 2003-2004. It includes 1,728 first-grade students in 37 schools in two separate urban areas. One of the goals of the study is to determine whether some ways of doing coaching are more effective than others. The three forms of coaching being compared are: on-site coaching, on-demand coaching, and virtual coaching. Teachers are trained in either Proactive Reading or Responsive Reading. These programs are quite different in terms of their theoretical orientation and instructional design. Students themselves are randomly assigned to receive one of these interventions. Preliminary results for the first year of implementation are positive for the interventions, although differences for coaching models were not detected in student outcomes. What may be most interesting about this study is to see whether a certain type of coaching is more effective with a certain program. It is also interesting to learn how virtual coaching offered online is delivered.

Date Added: 09/26/2006


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