Dearman, C. & Alber, S. (2005). The changing face of education: Teachers cope with challenges through collaboration and reflective study. The Reading Teacher, 58, 634-640.

Author: Dearman, C. & Alber, S.


The No Child Left Behind act has changed education and the way schools think about education. In this article, the authors offer a three-pronged approach to coping with changing education: 1) to face the process of change, 2) to find time for teachers to study together, and 3) for educators to examine and reflect on student work and the context in which that work was created. Change is hard and very complex, and for teachers, it often includes a paradigm shift in teaching philosophy. But, there are several practical ideas education leaders can implement in their schools in order to foster and support change and, ultimately, to improve learning. As a whole, schools need to build a collective mission, restructure professional development, and reflect upon student performance.

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