Casey, K. (2006). Literacy coaching: The essentials. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Author: Casey, K.


Casey has worked in school reform projects in both San Diego and New York City. In the forward to the book, Alvarado captures well an important feature of this book, "a careful reader of this book will have made a professional colleague of the author." When planning, coaching, or debriefing, readers will continually ask, "What would Katherine say?" The opening of this book will really help new coaches get started. Yet, soon, the book begins to contain unique ideas that even the most experienced coach will find useful. The form that Casey suggests for note taking is excellent. Her chart of coaching cycles that use "to, with, and by" is worth much thought. Her ideas for intravisitations and intervisitations and "Push Pause" are useful for extending coaching from one-to-one sessions to groups of teachers.

Date Added: 11/06/2007


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