Brozo, W. G. & Hargis, C. (2003). Taking seriously the idea of reform: One high school's efforts to make reading more responsive to all students. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 47, 14-23.

Author: Brozo, W.G. & Hargis, C.


This study focuses on one high school, Mountain View High School (name has been changed) and its implementation of a literacy program in order to improve student reading levels. With the financial help of a grant, Mountain View began by assessing students' reading so they had an idea of pre-implementation levels. Once students' reading levels were assessed, teachers were then able to think differently about their students' achievement. The study follows two students who read at different ends of the reading continuum: Tamika, who read at a 17.9 grade level at the beginning, and Tony, who read at a 5.2 grade level at the beginning. In their classes, both Tamika and Tony were given reading materials closer to their level of reading, and reacted positively. In the end, both of their reading levels went up.

Date Added: 09/29/2006

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