Barton, R. (2006) Getting on the same page: From math and science to history, teachers at one Oregon high school embrace common literacy strategies. Northwest Education, 12(1), 30-35.

Author: Barton, R.


This article focuses on Beaverton High School, a school in Oregon that has seen its reading scores improve in the two years since employing literacy coaches. The school district committed to employing a literacy coach in each school, and each school was allowed to formulate its own achievement plan, allowing flexibility to meet the needs of each school. For literacy coaches, this article is particularly useful in its information concerning literacy coaching across the curriculum. The article provides examples of literacy coaching in various areas of the curriculum, including biology, social studies, geometry, history, and literature, as well as offering practical ideas for enabling students to think critically about subject-area content. This article is very useful for coaches interested in coaching across the curriculum.

Date Added: 01/31/2007

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