Barton, R. (2006) Finding gold at the end of the rainbow: Anchorage's investment in literacy coaching pays big dividends. Northwest Education, 12(1) 7-11.

Author: Barton, R.


At Tyson Elementary in Anchorage, literacy coaches face a challenge: half the students are English language learners. Using a Success for All model, the literacy coaches are able to teach reading instruction in a highly structured way. A major emphasis of reading instruction includes phonics--some of the students' native languages don't include certain letters that do appear in English so it is important for these children to hear the missing sounds. But all the hard work of the teachers and literacy coaches has paid off. Reading First schools in Anchorage have seen increases in reading abilities, jumping between 8 and 20 points on the state's assessment. The Reading First director of the schools says the most dramatic increases have been in schools using the Reading First core curriculum. This is an excellent article for coaches working in elementary or Reading First (or both) schools.

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