Allington, R.L. (2006). President's Message: Reading specialists, reading teachers, reading coaches: A question of credentials. Reading Today, 23(4), 16-17.

Author: Allington, R.L.


Although there is a demand for highly trained math, science, and special education teachers, there is no similar demand for highly-qualified reading specialists. Under No Child Left Behind, teachers are supposed to be highly trained, but reading specialists aren't required to be any more trained than an elementary school teacher in most states. Additionally, NCLB aims to narrow the reading gap between poor and non-poor students, minority students and majority students, and tied to that goal is raising the quality of reading instruction available to students. However, many states fail to require a reading specialist credential for their reading coaches and ignore reading specialist standards as set forth by the IRA. The author calls for federal policies that would help rectify the situation.

Date Added: 10/13/2006

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