Forum 10-NRC 08 Study Grp-Cantrell & Hughes, Teacher Efficacy and Content Literacy Implementation

Nancy Shanklin, Sun October 26, 2008, 09:56 PM MDT

We do not have permission to post this study directly in the website. However, it should be easily attainable through your university library.  The complete reference is:

Cantrell, S. & Hughes, H. (2008). Teacher effecacy and content literacy implementation: An exploration of the effects of extended professional development with coaching. Journal of Literacy Research, 40: 95-127.

This study investigated the effects of yearlong professional development with coaching on sixth and ninth-grade teachers' efficacy for teaching literacy and collective efficacy.  Teacher interviews indicated that coaching and collaboration were important factors in the development of teachers' sense of efficacy with and implementation of content literacy strategies.

We will be referring to this study on W morning at NRC.


Nancy Shanklin , Sun October 26, 2008, 10:00 PM MDT - Coaching in MS/HS
We hope that this article by Cantrell and Hughes will begin to prompt a rich discussion of researching literacy and reading coaching in middle schools and high schools. We are also wondering if you know of other completed or on-going studies of coaching in middle schools or high schools.

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