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Anonymous Visitor, Fri October 06, 2006, 08:38 PM MDT

The "Reading Specialists as Literacy Leaders" course at the University of Illinois at Chicago reviewed the LCC website as part of our study of electronic resources for coaches/reading specialists.

Our comments are attached.

Keep up the good work, LCC; we're looking forward to more.

LCC Review from UIC


Nancy Shanklin , Thu December 07, 2006, 04:12 PM MST - Comments on the Website

The University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Class on Literacy Leadership (I'm not sure of your exact class title!)has made several useful suggestions for the LCC website. 1. The difference between the blog and the forum should become clear over the next month. The forums are meant to give educators an opportunity to have an extended discussion about a subtopic on coaching. Each will be hosted by a member of the Advisory Board and begin at least with somewhat more of a teaching/knowledge sharing function. The blog is for more immediate conversation that may change topic.
2. "Tools" that literacy coaches could use to do their jobs more efficiently seemed like a good idea! However, we are finding that the best tools are currently in books and under copyright. That makes them hard to post in the site. We may have to revise this idea or see if we can get permission from authors to post at least some of their most useful tools. These would include observation forms, ways to track how coaches use their time, forms used with study groups, etc. 3. The models section of the website will go up soon. It may be best if we relabel it "Programs." What we want to post is considerations that schools and districts need to think about as they develop and revise their coaching programs. Then we hope to gather examples of programs from throughout the country. 4. Your idea about the events section is a good one. As we obtain more events to post, we'll need to see if there is a way to enact your idea. 5. We've tried to categorize the links section some already. I'm not sure what more we can really do there. 6. I think that we can alert coaches to new legislation or other policies that would affect their work on the opening page under News. There could then be longer discussions in the blog and then development of a specific forum. This is a good idea for us to think about. Thanks for all of your useful input!

Heather DeMedio , Tue February 20, 2007, 10:28 AM MST - Having the "Library" be more user friendly...
I think this website has been carefully constructed and tweaked to provide an easy to navigate site for educators to communicate. As a graduate student, I am on the site weekly to read over articles, respond to the material, communicate my findings, and read over other people's thoughts and feelings. One recommendation I have for the site is to organize the articles under the library link. The articles could be put in alphabetical order. Sometimes, I have a hard time scrolling and looking for last names at the same time. Just a thought. Other than that, everything looks great.
Joshua Mull , Tue February 27, 2007, 08:26 AM MST - Forum Setup

I am really finding this web site useful. It is a great way for reading specialists, administrators, educators, and the general public to gain insight into the roles of the literacy leader.

I have noticed that some postings in the forum often become sub topics or are responses to other persons response. In my Graduate Studies at Slippery Rock University (PA) we have used similar discussion boards on a site called Blackboard. Within this site we could attach threads to existing threads and keep sub topics contained together and organized. It would be awesome if you could make this option available. That way when you read responses you need not scroll to the top of the forum in search of the original to read that particular posting.

Ex. Topic 1


-response 2
    -Sub response 1

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful resource.

Kristi Tomayko , Tue May 01, 2007, 09:38 AM MDT - Thanks
I've been posting on various threads of this site for a graduate course I've been taking from Slippery Rock University (PA) and have found the site, articles, etc. to be very informative. Thank you for offering this. I've even shared this site with my district's reading coach, and she's also found some really useful information on it. Thank you! I hope reading coaches and educators continue to use this site to bounce ideas off of one another! It's a fantastic resource!
Kathy Rombach , Wed May 30, 2007, 06:13 PM MDT - Website
This website is a great source for me and teachers in general. I am currently enrolled in a reading specialist certificate program and find the articles and information posted on this site very helpful. It is helpful to read the articles to try to get a true sense of what a reading specialist/coaching position entails. the link for Programs was very interesting to me. I think that it is great for various reading programs to post what they do so that others can learn from them. I look forward to reading more of the articles in depth as well as the responses of others in the field.
Jessica May , Mon June 11, 2007, 02:56 PM MDT - Great opportunity
This is a wonderful opportunity to experience professional development with others. Many teachers want to expand their knowledge, work and reflect with others but with the busy schedule it is often difficult to do so. I have used this website as a resource. I am only at the beginning of the reading specialist coaching course and plan to reflect at the conclusion of the course and look at the growth I have made through the course.
Brenna Sisinni , Thu July 26, 2007, 11:14 AM MDT - Brenna Sisinni
Job descriptions for literacy coaches seem to be so variable that there is much leeway in selection criteria and as a result it seems like many people feel unqualified for the job. Reading coaches have great potential to provide professional development and to assist classroom teachers in delivering reading instruction. Realization of that potential requires that coaches have high levels of knowledge and skills. This clearning house is a great resource for literacy coaches.
Amy VanIddekinge , Fri July 27, 2007, 10:04 PM MDT - GREAT
What a great website for offering each other support and ideas! From all the reading and learning how stressful the job of a literacy coach is, it is reassuring to know there is a website where I can get support from others in the field! There are great resources here for coaches and classroom teachers!
Sandra Goetze , Sat January 05, 2008, 10:08 PM MST - RTI
This website is a wealth of information. I would like to see a forum thread on RTI. Specifically, the thread needs to address the interaction of coaching and the RTI models. I also have been looking for information regarding ELL students, RTI and Reading. Much of the RTI information is in the area of special education since it is addressed in IDEA 2004; however, the bulk of what is needed with reading RTI falls on the classroom teacher and the reading specialist. Mary Lose has a good beginning article on RTI from the Reading Teacher, 6(31), 2007. Maybe we can begin a conversation about this from the article.
Brian Dorman , Tue February 12, 2008, 08:19 PM MST - Great resource!

As a Literacy Coach and the President of the Florida Literacy Coaches Association, I think this website is a wealth of useful information for those of us at coaching at the schools.

Thanks for being such a wonderful resource!

Aimee Arens , Fri March 14, 2008, 05:34 PM MDT - Outdated? Needs an Update!!

After having reviewed this site, and think it is a great resource, it definitely needs to be updated. The only 2008 (3 months in now) postings are simply from the comments section - no articles, no blogs, no forums. I completely understand that we, as teachers, are busy, but if this is to be a useable & comprehensive website, especially in today's technological world, we need to stay updated! I would also like to see more links that educators could use (ie. EDSITEMENT, PBS, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, HISTORY CHANNEL, BIOGRAPHY, ETC). I would also like to see more links to various State Language Arts Societies. Just a few ideas...

Aimee Arens , Sun March 16, 2008, 09:24 AM MDT - Correction
Sorry. I obviously did not do my research, or look far enough. The blog & forum discussions are up-to-date & provide great comments & ideas from our colleagues in the field of literacy,
william adamsky , Tue April 15, 2008, 01:35 PM MDT -

Like the site. If you can't find the information you're looking for, at the very least you get pointed in the right direction. Too bad all of the bibliographical references are not linked to the entire text of the refrenced document, but I'm sure there are things like copyright isses that go along with providing full-text. I've always found references to ERIC documents frustrating, because now I have to go to a lirary to get the information I need. Thankfully there are not too many of those on this site.

I also like how easy the site is to navigate. You always have that link back to the home page if you get lost.

The library of articles could be beefed up a bit, but since it's a new site I'll forgive you. Resources are not blatantly deficient, just a bit thin.

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