Each Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse Forum concerns a particular topic of interest to literacy coaches, reading coaches, reading specialists, and /or instructional coaches. To date, the forums have been hosted by members of the LCC National Advisory Board. Hosts will expand to include LCC Collaborators along with National Advisory Board members.

To respond to a forum topic, you need to register/login to the LCC site. This is a simple procedure, and participation in the forums is free.

The LCC goal is to host a forum once a month. Each forum is open for approximately two weeks, then edited for clarity, and posted as a product in the site.

Each forum begins with ideas and suggested resources from the host of the forum. Forum participants are then encouraged to respond to the ideas and engage in a dialogue with the host and others. We hope to create useful dialogues about particular subtopics that are important concerns to literacy coaches, reading coaches, reading specialists, instructional coaches, principals, district administrators, and others. On occasion, audio and/or video tape may be included related to the topic of a forum.

Some previous forums may still be open for comment. Others are closed but all of the discussion can still be viewed by clicking on the forum. 

Thread TitleAuthorResponses (New)
Forum 14-NRC 08 Study Grp-Biancarosa, Bryk, & Dexter, Assessing the Value-Added Effects of Literacy Collaborative Professional Development on Student Learning Nancy Shanklin 6 (6)
Forum 13-NRC 08 Study Grp-Hough, Bryk, Pinnell, Kerbow, Fountas, & Scharer, Measuring Change in the Practice of Teachers Engaged in Literacy Collaborative Professional Development: Preliminary Results form a Four Year Study Nancy Shanklin 2 (2)
Forum 12: NRC 08 Study Grp-Atteberry, Bryk, Walker, & Biancarosa, Variations in the Amount of Coaching in Literacy Collaborative Schools Nancy Shanklin 10 (10)
Forum 11: NRC 08 Study Grp-Marsh et al, Supporting Literacy Across the Sunshine State Nancy Shanklin 6 (6)
Forum 10-NRC 08 Study Grp-Cantrell & Hughes, Teacher Efficacy and Content Literacy Implementation Nancy Shanklin 1 (1)
Forum 9-NRC 08 Study Grp-L'Allier & Elish-Piper, Does Literacy Coaching Make a Difference Nancy Shanklin 12 (12)
Forum 8: Building Capacity for Student Achievement Nancy Shanklin 3 (3)
Forum 7: National Reading Conference (NRC) Study Group on Literacy Coaching Nancy Shanklin 23 (23)
Forum 6: Gaining Entry - Shari Frost, Moderator, National-Louis University Shari Frost 21 (21)
Forum 5: Endings & Beginnings: Reflections & Plans to Improve & Start Anew Diane DeFord 39 (39)
Forum 4: Literacy Coaching in Reading First Michael McKenna 30 (30)
Forum 3: Designing and Teaching Courses on Literacy Coaching Nancy Shanklin 67 (67)
Forum 2: What Literacy Coaches Ought to Know about Adult Learning and Professional Development Doug Fisher 96 (96)
Forum 1: Building Relationships of Coaches and Principals Nancy Shanklin 62 (62)
Comments on the Website 13 (13)